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Connect To Another Computer Via The Remote Access Software

If you have Windows XP has built in remote access software that allows you to add friends to your computer, by invitation, to help with the remote computer system. This means it could be in the U.S. and at the same time we help a friend in Australia to find a solution to his problems with your computer. The technique uses remote access to computers is available to almost anyone for the majority of users from the Start menu. I regularly give my friend help-desk comfort of your own home.

What you need to use the online help and a support tool for remote connection

1. Broadband Internet connection or cable.

2. Windows XP on both computers

3. E-mail, or log in for Windows Live Messenger 4.

The best way to connect

It is very easy to connect two computers via the Internet. A computer can take control and solve problems on the other computer. After these steps to use the software to help and support built into Windows.

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First Log on to Windows Live Messenger and get your friends to do the same.

2. Go to the Start menu and select Help and Support Center (see below), only the computer user who wants to call.

3. The Help and Support opens.

4. Click on Invite a friend to connect to your computer with Remote Assistance. Located less than a request for assistance from the menu.

5th Then press Invite someone to help you. The following window appears.

6th Pick your friends name contact list Windows Messenger.

7. Click to Call.

8. This will allow your friends to see his office. If you want to control your you must press the Take Control button and the other person must agree with the OK button ..

Check out the screenshots in this article about how to connect to another computer. This is what I see when I'm in control of my computer friends ... I can go online or read their e-mails, etc.

Reason to use Windows remote help and support

- Your problem is minor, do not want to bother an IT support person.

- Not if you can afford the technical, and you know the computer whiz ..

- You have already played the supporting software or Internet service provider, and could not help

- You need constant help and desktop computer using remote access software is easy!


- If you close the Remote Assistance window, turned off. And you must start your dial-up again if you want to connect.

- Do not worry if it is a bit 'slow, because it is normal. The speed remote access depends on the speed of Internet connections.

- You can also log in using an email address. The invitation is sent by email.