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EE to trial LTE-Advanced in London from December


Carrier boasts 300Mbps speeds for businesses in London's Tech City area

Always looking to cement its lead over rival providers, UK LTE network operator EE has announced that it's partnered with Huawei to bring data speeds of up to 300Mbps to London's Tech City, as part of its LTE-Advanced trials. The scheme will kick off in December in conjunction with businesses in Tech City, an area of East London home to many high-tech organizations. Customers won't be able to get these faster data speeds directly on devices until mid-2014 though, instead the trial will begin using Huawei Cat. 6Wifi hotspots, which will provide access over an 802.11 ac connection.

To achieve such high speeds EE says it's paired 20MHzof 1800MHz spectrum with a further 20MHz of 2.6GHz obtained through the recent 4G spectrum auction. The EE300Mbps trial is due to be extended to other parts of London in 2014 naturally, you'll need an as yet unreleased Cat. 6 mobile device to take advantage of the faster network when it's available.

Source: EE

Via: EE to trial LTE-Advanced in London from December