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Sony Xperia Z1 f heading to Japan on December 19

Xperia Z1 f

Miniature Xperia Z1scheduled for pre-holiday arrival on Docomo

We've known for a while that Sony's dinkyXperia Z1 f was due to arrive on NTT Docomo in Japan this month, but now we have a firm date Thursday, Dec. 19. An update to the carrier's online store reveals that the pint-sized version of the Xperia Z1 will launch in black, white, lime and pink just in time for the holidays, though there's still no hint of any Western release.

The Xperia Z1 f packs similar internals to its larger counterpart, only with a smaller 4.3-inch display and slightly reduced battery capacity, making it a tempting proposition for those wanting a smaller Android phone that doesn't skimp on hardware muscle. Given Sony's traditional early-year release cycle, there's a good chance we might see an international version of the device the rumored Z1S perhaps at the company's CES press conference in Las Vegas early next month.

Source: Docomo; via: XperiaBlog

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