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Cloud Raiders gets clan support on Android

Many genres spring from a single popular game. The casual strategy genre owes its popularity to Clash of Clans, for instance. And once a game reaches that level of fame, other developers inevitably release their own games that draw inspiration from it. Cloud Raiders is Game Insights take on Clash of Clans.

Although a first-class effort, Cloud Raiders has lacked one key element since its release in February: clans! You cant take on Clash of Clans without clans. Today Game Insight released a major update to Cloud Raiders that corrects this oversight and adds a proper clan system. Read on to learn about how clans affect the game and how to join Android Centrals own clan!

Cloud Raiders version 2.0 release notes

  • CLANS in 2.00! This feature will roll out through the next week to all players.
  • Now it's easier to find buildings that are available to build.
  • Dozens of improvements and fixes including performance improvements.
  • Friendly fire damage fixes for turrets.


Cloud Raiders gets clan support Android

After installing the update, youll notice a new voice bubble icon at the right side of the screen - the clan button. Before players can access the clan features it brings, they must restore the Clan Dock. The Dock is a little building that sat unused until now. It costs a little gold to fix it up, but at least it has a speedy 30 minute completion time.

Cloud Raiders gets clan support Android

Having completed the Clan Docks renovations, youll then be able to join or create a clan. The process of creation is quite simple. Just come up with a cool name, decide whether to require an invitation to get in, set a minimum valor (PvP) stat for members, and design a clan emblem. I wish there were more emblem pieces to choose from, but the current offering works well enough to start with.

Cloud Raiders gets clan support Android

Once youre in a clan you can chat with other members, giving players something to do during the downtime between raids. Clan members can also request troops from their clan mates. I havent tested this yet, but it seems that friendly troops actually increase the maximum size of your raiding party. That should come in handy!

Looking for a clan to join? Try the official Android Central clan. Post your Cloud Raiders username here and Ill send you an invite. You must have at least 250 valor to join, and it helps to be an active player. Sign up and well storm some forts together!

Cloud Raiders

Cloud Raiders gets clan support Android

Cloud Raiders takes place in a world of floating islands, not unlike Activisions Skylanders series. At the outset, players become stranded on one of those islands by evil sky pirates. Theyll then have to build a base in order to keep those pirates at bay and take back some loot in the process.

In order to defend your base, youll need to recruit various types of soldiers and house them in bunkers. They can then be deployed when invading ships reach the island. Enemy forces often come in larger numbers, though. Thats where cannons come in. Place them strategically so they can fire upon the invaders who hack away at your buildings. A large cannon can be aimed at specific targets as well, but it takes time to recharge between shots and only works on AI invaders.

The real fun in Cloud Raiders is player versus player combat. After building up a sizable raiding party, players can attack random settlements and attempt to steal their resources. Win the battle and youll gain valor and the envy of other players. Just watch out, because invaded players can take revenge with attacks of their own.

Cloud Raiders is free to play with surprisingly fair in-app purchases. Well go into more detail in our upcoming review.

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