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Debug 34: Sexism in tech

Debug is Mobile Nations developer podcast. This week, however, we're doing something different. We're bringing together a panel of developers and designers, CEOs and senior editors, of women in the tech industry to talk about how women are treated and mistreated in the tech industry. Join Serenity Caldwell of Macworld/TechHive, Jessie Char of Pacific Helm, Georgia Dow of ZEN & TECH, and Brianna Wu of Giant Spacekat as share their experiences and insight on sexism in the tech industry, from coworkers to clients to conventions to culture and beyond.

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Show notes

  • Sex Sexy & Sexism: Fixing Gender Inequality in Gaming (PAX East 2014)


  • Brianna Wu of Giant Space Kat
  • Georgia Dow of ZEN & TECH
  • Jessie Char of Pacific Helm
  • Serenity Caldwell of Macworld and I Wear Many Hats


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