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The Zens Qi USB wireless charging pad

Zens USB charger

OK, OK. Wireless charging isn't really wireless charging. At some point you have to actually plug it into something. We get that. And the Zens Qi USB wireless charger as you might have guessed does things just a little differently. It's powered by a USB port.

This single-spot charger is just a bit smaller than a Nexus 5. And it's not the quickest of chargers, either just about a trickle. But in this case, it's convenient. No having to worry about finding an outlet. Just plug it into your computer, place your phone on the pad, and let it do its thing. There's a small LED on the front face of the charger. It may be hidden, depending on the size of your phone, but it flashes while the device is charging and glows steady when it's done.

All that said, this thing's a bit pricey. And not all that fast. But it is convenient. So there's that.

Zens USB charger

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