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Verizon LG G2 getting KitKat today

Verizon LG G2 getting KitKat today

There's an update to the Verizon LG G2 on the way today, and it's bringing our most favorite of delectable software versions: Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Following in the footsteps of the KitKat upgrades that have landed in recent weeks on Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile, Verizon LG G2 owners can now expect to get the very latest that Android has to offer, along with LG's own copious customizations.

Here's what Verizon tells us to expect from the update:


  • Color Adjustment has been added
  • Magnification Gestures label is now Touch Zoom label
  • Shades label is now Screen Shades label
  • Captions have been added
  • Touch and Hold Delay is now Touch Feedback Time
  • Speak Passwords label is now Read Passwords label
  • Power Button Ends Call label is now Power Key Ends Call label
  • Easy Access label is now Accessibility Settings Shortcut label


  • The latest location specs are now reflected

Indication Bar

  • Indicator Color has been changed to white

Visual Voicemail

  • Premium Visual Voice Mail, which converts voice mails to text so you can read them discreetly.
  • Basic Visual Voice Mail, with a 20-message mailbox, is included at no charge

Source: Verizon (pdf)

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