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Lotto System Product Review

Ok, I am going to recommend this product and give the Formula 1 Lotto System 4.9 out of 5 stars because it has worked for me. Let me explain this to you. Before I got my hands on this system or software, if you may, I was a loser.

Yes, I lost the lottery every time that I played it. I was using a formula out of a lottery book that I had purchased and it frustrated me so much because none of the calculations were working and I was running out of options. What would you do in my case? I started to research to find a better system that worked and someone told me about the Formula 1 Lotto System.

I was willing to try anything at this point because I was broke. I guess you might be saying that “I am just a fool chasing my dreams,” and you may be right, but I was going to give this Formula 1 Lotto System the benefit of the doubt. So, yes, I tried it.

I bought the software even though I could not really afford to. But I was desperate at this point. I was already a loser, remember? So what else did I have to lose to try it? I was not so dumb enough to buy this without first researching it. What I found out initially amazed me.

The first thing I noticed was that the software and system was developed by an MIT Professor who had spent 27 years designing it.

So I followed the simple steps that the software required. I chose the game that I was going to play from a list of games. After that, I chose the numbers that I was going to play from the ones that the software program provided, and then I set the amount that I was about to invest. Finally, I printed everything out so I could see the combinations of number given. Then all I did was complete all my lotto tickets and took them to my lotto store to be processed.

It took me two months to strike my first win and to tell the truth, I was just about to give up, but I wanted to at least make back the purchase price of the software. That day, when I went back to have my tickets checked, I’d won $1567.00. Ever since then I’ve been having regular small wins

So really, I can’t fault the software too much. It does live up to the claims made.

Now you won’t win every week you play, but you will get regular wins if you follw the system and use the software. The reason that I had given it a 4 stars out of 5  in the beginning was because it took me a couple of months to get some wins, so it is not a get rich quick thing like may of the other systems promise. I also bought it at a time when I could not really afford the price, but did it anyway. However, overall, I’m totally please with the system. It was well worth the money. Wouldn’t you be happy if you had winning over $1500 while spending only $49.00 on lotto tickets. If you’ve ever dreamed of finally starting to get some wins playing lotto, this system and software will give you the best chance.

I know there is a special offer going on the system now, so if I were you I’d go and take a look here now: Formula 1 Lotto