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Dr. Drum’s Four-Octave Keyboard

Melodies are the final flourishes that bring your beat together and serve as the centrepiece of your songs.

Beat-making software relies on a simple software keyboard or a collection of samples for the melody, and the quality of these determines how cool your compositions can sound. Dr. Drum raises the bar with a four octave keyboard and professionally mastered sounds, so you can produce the highest-quality beats using just one program.

Finding out a little bit about the four-octave keyboard gives you an understanding of what Dr. Drum can do for you.

An octave is a group of all 12 notes, and each one covers a certain pitch range. If you think about a full piano, the bass notes are produced on two or three lower octaves, and the melody is played on the higher, twinkly ones.


Many beat making programs only feature a single octave keyboard, which limits your melodies to a confined range of pitches. Dr. Drum’s keyboard has four octaves, so you can include sonorous, low notes and wailing high notes in the same melody.

The multitude of instrument sounds available for Dr. Drum’s keyboard means that you can use synths, strings, guitars, pianos, saxophones and many more sounds to create your melody.

You select the sound you want and then draw the notes onto a grid to build your melody. Each row represents one of the 48 keys, and the columns show the timing in the bar.

Each bar is broken down into four beats, and each beat is split into four parts, so you can place your notes with unrivalled precision.


If the sounds produced by the inbuilt instruments aren’t enough variety for you, you can adjust them easily. Dr. Drum’s keyboard has a key dedicated dials which adjust the frequency, resonance and LFO values of the sound produced.

These dials are absolutely essential if you want to craft some dubstep beats, and the program also allows you to alter the prevalence of the low, middle and high tones in your melody.


The level of control you have over the sound means you can use Dr. Drum to write dubstep, house, hip hop, indie and most other genres of music. Plus, if you’re bored of the sounds included with the program, you can just record your own and upload them.

Dr. Drum’s four-octave keyboard spoils you with options for your melodies, and opens up a wide range of possibilities for your beats. Whether you want to create epic trance compositions, thumping house beats or reverberating dubstep, Dr. Drum has the tools you need.


With so much control over your sound, and so many instruments at your fingertips, creativity has never been so easy.